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Dorm Diva of the Month

What exactly makes a girl a DormDiva besides looking good all the time and having just the right style sense? DormDiva's were not all born, most were made by either having an older sister or friend at college who gave them inside scoop. We are trying to do just that for you! Read our columns below; DormDiva Musts - the do not leave home withouts or order the handbook for more hints!

DormDiva Electronics

1. Cherry Red Nokia Cell Phone

2. Tangerine iMac

3. TV/VCR combined

4. Palm Pilot

5. Digital Camera

6. Stereo

7. iPod MP3 Player

8. Krups Coffee/Espresso Maker

9. Juicer

10 Easy bake Oven


Diva Fashion MUst haves

1. Fluffy Robe

2. Fuzzy Slippers

3. Gap Lo Rider Jeans

4. Baseball Hat

5. Baseball Shirt

6. Hoodie

7. Belly Ring

8. Black Boots

9. Mail Bag

10. Boxer Shorts

Diva Grooming Needs

1. Blow Dryer

2. Round Brush

3. Crest White strips

4. Abundant Hair Products

5. Clarins Sunless Tan

6. Moisturizer

7. Lip Gloss

8. Mascara

9. Nail Polish Remover

10. Loufa Body Brush

Diva DormRoom Essentials

1. Lava Lamp

2. Metal Garbage Pail

3. String Lights

4. DormDiva Mouse Pad

5. DormDiva Clock

6. Travel Mug

7. Xtra Long Sheets

8. Down Comforter

9. Closet Organizers




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